"I can't recommend him highly enough."

John served on our Board of Advisors for 3 years and provided leadership for targeted projects during that time. The guy is smart and is a learning machine. He has worked with many interesting companies, often drawing on his deep well of experience to offer advice on important strategic decisions. His network spans Silicon Valley and beyond. Countless times we needed to meet an executive for biz dev reasons or a VC for fundraising purposes and sure enough John knew them and was able to provide a warm intro. To demonstrate the impact one of John's intros can have - the last one he made for us led to our acquisition! Last but not least, John is a truly good person. I can't recommend him highly enough.

— Chris Belew | Founder & CEO | Apptive



“He is a great guy who I truly enjoy working with.”

John is a world class business development leader and a trusted advisor to the CloudLink team. He quickly grasped our complex technology and efficiently connected the dots with senior executives at our company and our partners. John has demonstrated true leadership skills and a unique ability to connect with people, listen, and communicate a mutual vision. He is a great guy who I truly enjoy working with. I highly value our relationship and give him my highest recommendation.

— Alex Berlin | President, Founder, & CEO | CloudLink

John is a strategic advisor who is very well connected in the VC community. He has been instrumental in getting Perkville meetings with several top tier investors and has provided great coaching along the way. John is also very trustworthy which is a relief for early stage companies banking on a new idea. I look forward to his continuing advice and counsel as Perkville grows.
— Sunil Saha | Founder & CEO | Perkville

“I know that we'll work together again on future businesses.”

I’ve known John for years, and he is one of my go-to guys. I always value John’s sage advice on topics of business strategy, potential partnerships, competition and people. Most recently I engaged John to help me at RealPractice, and he led us to new partnerships and markets. John has that rare combination of entrepreneurial energy and practical leadership horsepower to find big opportunities and get the job done. I know that we’ll work together again on future businesses.

— Carey Ransom | CEO | RealPractice

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“It's a pleasure to work with him”

John is a very talented strategist and relationship builder, both outside and inside of the company. He put NearbyNow on the strategic roadmaps of every target partner we wanted, and helped take the business to new levels. Internally he brought a level of optimism, creativity, integrity, and passion for our product that got employees pumped up. He came to all of our Board meetings by demand of the directors for his strategic insight. It's a pleasure to work with him, and I look forward to doing so in any capacity. I get the feeling I'll be working for him someday. 

— Scott Dunlap | Founder & CEO | NearbyNow

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